Rail Fares Go Up

Rates went up, effective on Sunday.

The new year brought higher ticket prices for people who commute by train in Connecticut because the fares on Metro-North and Shoreline East have gone up for the first time in seven years.

At first, Gov. Dannel Malloy failed to agree on a concessions deal. Then, higher prices were kept in the budget even after unions came to an agreement.

The price of a ticket is up 5.25 percent and will go up that much at the start of the next two years as well.

The people who will be impacted most are the commuters who use the trains to get in and out of New York for work because the price for a monthly pass has risen $13 for some passes and $21 for others.

The Malloy administration said the price hike is in response to rising costs to run the trains, as well as the costs to purchase new trains and improve service.

“I’m happy about the new trains, so I’m not going to complain too much,” Richard Mammana, of New Haven, said.

“If it supports getting new trains for travel between New Haven and New York City, I think that would be a wonderful thing,” Phil McVance, of Manchester,” said.

Critics argue that this will deter people from using public transportation because it’s not affordable.

The new station fares for the New Haven line are posted on the MTA Web site, as are the new on-board fares.

The new Shoreline East rates are also posted.

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