Rain or Mixed Precipitation Possible Later This Week

We are monitoring a possible messy weather situation developing for Wednesday, Wednesday night and very early Thursday.

Considering this system is just moving onshore near northern California, it is impossible to nail down it exact location 48 hours from now.

That said, at this time of year, the exact location and track of a storm is crucial to its ultimate impacts on our region.

Right now, it looks like the track will take it close to, or over, Long Island and move it out to sea near Cape Cod.

This track is considered a “hugger” to us and brings rain or mixed precipitation across Connecticut. 

It looks like chilly rain showers mixed with sleet and wet snow is likely on Wednesday after the morning commute.

This nasty mix will continue and pick up in intensity later on Wednesday evening and taper off early Thursday.

If we get any medium accumulation of snow, it would be in the hilly terrain near the Massachusetts border.  Most of us might get a bit of slush and snow that could turn very icy as colder air rushes in on Thursday morning.

Temperatures will ride the March roller coaster with highs today around 40 to 45 degrees, tomorrow 50 to 56, and only 34 to 40  on Wednesday.

Thursday looks very cold with highs in the 20s! After that, the weather quiets down and the weekend looks OK.

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