Rainy Beginning to Halloween

It was a dreary Halloween morning in East Lyme. 

Early Wednesday morning, East Lyme First Selectman Mark Nickerson postponed trick or treating to Saturday as a precaution with weather concerns. 

But Thursday, he’s realizing mother nature is tough to predict. 

“Hats off to the school superintendents who have to do this so many times during the winter,” he said. 

So, on the holiday, he’s issuing this update, “Ultimately it’s the parent’s responsibility and we want parents to make that decision. If they don’t want to go out tonight, there is Saturday night. We want homeowners to enjoy the goblins at the front door. Keep the porch lights on if you’re giving out candy whether it’s tonight or Saturday night.” 

Either way, East Lyme residents we spoke to are still in the holiday spirit. 

“So, I wish it didn’t rain, but we’re going to trick or treat tonight and I think,” said Ian, a third grader who will be dressing up as a soccer player. 

“We love Halloween. We’ve been celebrating all month. Right?,” Shauna Rittman, of East Lyme, said to one of her daughters. 

The California native has been wondering what New Englanders do when it’s a dreary Halloween day. 

She and other parents we spoke to think they’re going to play their plans Thursday night by ear.

“I think we’re going to go out tonight if it’s not too bad,” said Rittman.

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