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Rainy Holiday Weekend Impacting Small Businesses

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From heat and humidity to rainy and dreary, people aren’t letting the weather dampen their day or holiday weekend. Instead, they are going to grab a drink and support their local businesses at.the same time.

"It’s a huge weekend business wise for us," said Tom Mulqueen, the owner of Hammonasset Package Store.

With the holiday here and the weather throwing some for a loop, businesses say the rain isn't helping them.

"Basically we need lots of sunshine, not rain and cold," Mulqueen added.

For nearly four decades, the Hammonasset Package Store has been a liquor store staple in the community.

Mulqueen emphasizes that although people love to drink rain or shine, weather makes a difference.

"Will still get our regulars. well I have our campers from Hammonassett but then we lose out on the beach crowd," Mulqueen said.

"The whole year we have really three to four big weekends," Shiah Pattel, the owner of East Main Wine and Liquor said.

Pattel said the crowd is crucial for the 4th of July, but even with the weather he isn’t concerned.

"It’s going to be a nice decent weekend. After the pandemic, people were trying to come out, no mask, so it’s going to be a good one," Pattel said.

And supporting the local businesses is what this community does...

"We got a little pony keg and a tap, hopefully to keep it going all weekend," Arthur Wilkins, of Madison said. 

"You always want to grab your groceries and your liquor before the rain starts," Ron Bodinson, of Madison, added.

And these two won't let Mother Nature mess up their weekend. 

"Certainly not literally not, but hopefully it will clear up. Come Sunday I will get to have some fun. Fourth of July is always one of my favorite times of the year," Wilkins said.

"First of all getting out is good for you and we’ve been cooped up for quite a while so when you’re out, you get to interact with people you haven’t seen for a while," Bodinson added.

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