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Rare Gold Coin Found in Salvation Army Kettle in New Britain

The Salvation Army

While collecting donations in New Britain, a Salvation Army officer found something special shining in the pot - someone dropped a gold coin into a red kettle in New Britain.

The donated coin, a Wiener Philharmoniker 1995, Republik Osterreich is worth between $1,800 and $2,000.

It's not the first time someone has dropped a generous gift into a donation kettle - someone dropped another gold coin last year, and The Salvation Army says they've seen diamond rings and other jewelry, often accompanied by notes. Gold coins are some of the rarest gifts they've found.

“I never thought we would receive a donation like this,” said Lieutenant Will Rodriguez, corps officer of The Salvation Army in New Britain. “I am truly amazed and blessed with this donation, which will help us feed and help many families in our community. This has been a difficult year but donations like this allow us to continue to help and bring hope to those who need it most.”

Every year Salvation Army bell ringers can be found collecting donations to fund the organization's programs.

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