Real-Life Grinch Steals Popular Star Shower Laser Lights: Prospect Resident

This year, Star Showers are all the rage for holiday decorations, projecting speckles of laser lights onto homes and yards, illuminating houses without going through the trouble of stringing up lights Clark W. Griswold Jr. style.

However, unfortunately some Grinches have caught onto the trend and are getting the high-demand holiday projector lights without paying for them, stealing the expensive displays.

In Prospect, the Dempseys didn't think they needed to guard their Star Shower. They didn't think they'd need to be decorating their house either. But then someone stole theirs, so they're back to decorating the old-fashion way.

"Now we're stuck hanging Christmas lights," said Mary Dempsey, the morning after someone stole her Star Shower from the edge of Salem Road. "I think the Grinch came and stole our Christmas is what I think."

And the family's Star Shower didn't come cheap. Dempsey said she paid $40 for it, but only had it for ten days before it was stolen. They're not easy to replace either because they're racing off store shelves.

"It took me three days to find the Star Shower. I seen my neighbor had it, loved it, and I searched, searched, and searched three days later I found it, the last one, Dollar General in Terryville," she said.

She suggests tying the Star Shower to its extension cord, making it that much harder to steal.

Dempsey also told NBC Connecticut that their neighbors had two Star Showers stolen and expressed frustration someone was "stealing all our Christmas spirit from Prospect."

She said she reported the theft to police. It's unconfirmed whether police have received reports of Star Shower light thefts in the area.

Another NBC Connecticut viewer in Hartford reported her family's Star Shower display was stolen, as well, and that she couldn't find another one in stores.

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