Off-Track Economy Leave Greyhounds in Cold

Rabies shot? Check.

Frontline? Check.

Dog food? Check.

Toys? Check.

As most new dog owners know, the cost of a new pet can quickly add up and that's what the West Haven-based greyhound rescue organization, Pups Without Partners, is afraid of. The recession is taking a big bite out of their adoptions.

Adoptions of retired greyhound racers are down because the recession has would-be adopters second-guessing whether they can financially handle a new dog. And if the recession lingers, that may mean more racetracks and kennels across the country will close too, the New Haven Register reports

Regional rescue groups also worry that the number of greyhounds up for adoption will increase even more when two major racing tracks in Massachusetts close at the end of the year.  The state is imposing a ban on commercial dog racing, which many animal activists see as cruel to the animals.

And the Connecticut Greyhound Adoption in Avon has seen an even more disturbing trend: adopted dogs being returned a few weeks into the process because of financial problems.

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