Recounts Ordered for Two Races

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There will be two recounts of votes cast during the primary election on Tuesday because only less than 10 votes separated candidates in both races.

Both races are General Assembly seats to represent the city of Hartford, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz said on Wednesday

The results from machine tabulations had Democrat Kenneth Green leading his opponent Matt Ritter by only three votes in the General Assembly First District race.

There is also a recount in the General Assembly Fourth District after voting tabulation showed Democrat Kelvin Roldan leading opponent Angel Morales by just nine votes.

Both close totals qualify under the state’s automatic recount law.

State law requires automatic “close vote” recounts when the margin for a particular seat is either within 0.5 percent of the total votes cast or within 20 votes.

“At this point, only a handful of votes separates the candidates in two hotly contested Democratic legislative primary races in Hartford, so by law they both qualify for automatic recounts,” Bysiewicz said. 

Hartford's registrar has until Aug. 17 to complete the recounts. 

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