Connecticut Red Cross Prepares Regional Disaster Response Plan Ahead of Hermine

Even though a direct hit by Tropical Storm Hermine is unlikely in New England, the Connecticut Red Cross is putting its regional disaster response plan in place as it tracks the storm.

“We are calling down our volunteers. We're talking to our partners. We're talking to emergency management in the communities (to) really make sure our communities and our teams are as prepared as possible,” Regional Disaster Officer Neil Brockway said.

The Red Cross has had a busy summer supporting disaster victims in Louisiana and Florida, but with Hermine making landfall in Florida, their focus is moving back to Connecticut.

“When we activated this plan we also put a halt on sending additional people outside the state to support those operations,” Brockway said.

“We want to keep some resources here to make sure that we are well prepared to take care of our community,” Chief Communications Officer Stefanie Arcangelo said.

They also want the community to prepare.

“You want to make sure you have your preparedness kit ready -- a great recommendation is to check it at least once every season," Arcangelo said.

As part of that regional disaster response plan, the Red Cross also spent Thursday checking on supplies for comfort kits, which includes a variety of items including toiletries.

They were also inspecting cars to make sure the vehicles that might be needed to transport supplies are ready to go.

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