Redding Woman Fights Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

Credit cards offer some built in protection against fraud, so Wendy Halpern wasn’t too concerned when she spotted two unauthorized charges on her statement.

On New Year’s Eve, someone used her card, charging $109.70 at Forever 21 and $45.98 at H&M.

Halpern immediately called Capital One and a customer service agent assured her the charges would be reversed.

"I've had this happen before and they settled everything right away. And this time I had the comfort level that they were going to do it again," Halpern said.

But when she checked her online statement a few days later, Halpern said instead of reversing the charges, Capital One charged her again.

In all, she was charged twice for the Forever 21 transaction and three times for H&M. She got back on the phone with Capital One. The additional charges were wiped out, but Halpern was still on the hook for the original purchases.

Halpern felt she wasn’t getting anywhere with Capital One, so she called NBC Connecticut Responds.

Our consumer team asked the company to look into Halpern’s situation. A Capital One spokesperson thanked us for alerting them to the discrepancy and took immediate action.

Halpern’s account was credited $155.68. 

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