Driver Helps Prevent Fellow Redditor From Getting Ticket

A Redditor followed a car with its tail light out so that the driver wouldn't get a ticket, according to a post that went viral on Thursday. 

Joe, 35, of Colchester, said he was driving on Route 2 this morning on his way to work when he saw a Subaru sedan with a Reddit icon sticker on the rear windshield. 

The sedan had a tail light out. Joe told NBC Connecticut that when he noticed a police car driving behind him, he stayed between the cop and the driver to help them avoid a ticket. 

"I got to work and I uploaded the photo," Joe told NBC Connecticut over the phone. "That's when it blew up."

According to Joe, he would've stayed in the left lane anyway, since that is where traffic was moving the fastest. 

As a moderate Reddit user, Joe said he didn't expect the photo to become as viral as it is-- ending up on the front page of the website on Thursday morning. 

Stories that end up on the Reddit front page are usually voted to move up on the site because of its popularity. 

So far, the owner of the sedan has not been found on Reddit but Joe thinks it would be "pretty cool" if they did. 

As of Thursday evening, Joe's post had more than 4,000 upvotes and had garnered hundreds of comments. 

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