discolored water

Regional Water Authority Warning People to Beware of Discolored Water

NBC 5 News

The Regional Water Authority is warning people in Connecticut that they may experience discolored water as a result of high water usage.

Discolored water is caused by natural minerals in the water being shaken up by a change in the speed of flow, according to the RWA.

If this is something you are experiencing, the RWA is recommending you wait until the water is clear before drinking it. They also recommend running cold water for five to 10 minutes to clear internal plumbing.

Steps have been taken to rectify the problem, the RWA said. They say it takes some time for the mineral content to settle and discoloration to dissipate.

Discolored water typically clears in a matter of hours, according to the RWA.

People, particularly in the Fair Haven neighborhood of New Haven, were told not to use water if it is a yellow or brown color.

The RWA said this will be a temporary problem.

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