Relay Run Honors Victims of Boston Marathon Bombings

It started in Los Angeles and ends Sunday on Boyleston Street in Boston. The One Run for Boston is a non-stop relay race that has brought together thousands of runners from across the country for one cause.

The relay race is the brainchild of Danny Bent. The cross country event is in honor of those lost and injured on April 15th at the Boston Marathon bombing. The idea is as much to raise money as it is to raise spirits.

"Had no idea what the weather was gonna be like or what the terrain was gonna be like. We suffered 120 degrees in New Mexico," said Danny Bent, the organizer for One Run Boston. "One guy ran 33 miles thru the night with lightening hitting around us," he added.

The race passed through Connecticut Saturday night. Kelly Gallagher was in Boston at the marathon a block away, volunteering when the bombings occurred.

"We just felt we needed to do what we could to show our solidarity to those runners who've been affected."

The compassion of a resilient community of runners from around the nation pushes their feet and hearts North.

Runners who participated in the One Run for Boston relay have traveled over 3000 miles through fourteen different states. They are scheduled to reach Boston on Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

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