No More Peeking at Your Baby

3-D ultrasounds have been banned by a new law

Finding out the sex of your child before it's born is a normal occurrence these days.  But recently there has been a growing trend to actually see your child before it's born too.

Because of this, “ultrasound boutiques” have been popping up around Connecticut and Gov. M. Jodi Rell is putting a stop to it.  These boutiques offer consumers the opportunity to see, in extreme 3D detail, the facial and bodily features of their unborn child while still in the womb.

The major concern from Rell is the safety and health of the mother and child.  Supporters of Rell’s decision claim that these types of ultrasounds can be harmful if done repeatedly, however there is no conclusive evidence that links them to long-term injuries to mothers or their child.

However, studies have shown that when ultrasonic devices are used in excess, there is a potential risk of physical effects in tissue, such as mechanical vibrations and rise in temperature.

The bill signed today will ban anyone from performing ultrasounds on pregnant women unless a doctor orders it for medical or diagnostic purposes. This means you can still get normal ultrasounds to check on the progression of your child and its health but you will have to wait nine months so see if your bun has a cute button nose like its daddy.

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