Rell Takes the Day Off

Asks other to "volunteer" to take a day off

Gov. Jodi Rell took the day off Tuesday.  And she's not getting paid for it. 

No, this is not "the dream come true" of a democrat in the legislature.

It's a cost-cutting move, said her spokesman, and she's urging her agency commissioners and managers to do the same. 

In a release, she said, "We simply have to cut our costs - and that goes for our payroll, too, just like any other business."

The move is allowed under state law, said her office.  And she wanted to be the first in line, before asking her 100 nonunion staff members to "volunteer" to take a day off by March 1.

She's also hoping the Attorney General, Comptroller and Treasurer, as well as judicial and legislative officials will also consider taking an unpaid day of leave.

Lawmakers meet Wednesday to begin tackling the current fiscal year's estimated $343 million deficit.

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