Rell's Stimulating Web Plan

The buzzword of 2009 -- okay, second to toxic asset -- is transparency.  And Gov. Jodi Rell has been busy using her HTML skills to code a new website to show off where federal stimulus dollars are flowing in the state.

From the pajama-clad comfort of your web browser, you can follow the funds, find out how to get some, and keep an eye on jobs created through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The state has started cashing in some of the $3 billion in federal stimulus.  More than $1.6 billion is in direct aid and grants, $1.3 billion is in the form of Medicaid assistance, said a release from Rell's office.  It estimates the program will "create and/or save" more than 40,000 jobs in the state.

The sections aren't fully functional yet, but in addition to poking around the "accountability" section, you'll be able to submit projects and "expedite assistance", for which someone must have had a ball going through a clip art gallery.

It will also serve as a clearinghouse for more funding sources.  Rell said:  "Our goal is to get the money back into the economy as soon as possible and put people back to work."

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