Remnants of Tropical Storm Dump Heavy Rain Around the State

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Throughout the early morning hours, remnants of Tropical Storm Fred could be seen in several parts of the state.

Streets were flooded and cars could be seen driving through some of the high rising water on roads in some neighborhoods.

During the course of the day NBC Connecticut crews found neighbors helping neighbors, public works and fire department crews working to clean up and survey some of the damage left behind.

In Avon, car tires were whipping up water as parts of the state experienced heavy rain.

In Bristol, debris could be seen floating in high rising water. Many streets were closed and public work crews began clearing out storm damages.

There were similar sights in West Hartford - drivers along Prospect Avenue waited in their car until the water subsided.

Around the corner on Prospect Lane in West Hartford, water could be seen flowing out of the basement of the apartment building.

Car seen underwater in West Hartford.

"I woke up and I went to the back and it was just water rushing through the walkway and if you walked down there you could get dragged into the water," said Brandon Davis who lives in an apartment building on Prospect Lane. "I've never been through nothing like this so it's crazy to me right now."

Matthew Lopes was visiting his mom last night in West Hartford when someone knocked on his door to let him know that the street was beginning to flood.

"This morning it was a disaster, certain neighbors got together and decided to help other neighbors push their cars out of the water," said Lopes. "I realized that the water was already in the cabin of my car and it would not stop at all.

Flooding along Prospect Lane in West Hartford.

West Hartford Firefighters along with Eversource Crews showed up to help remove water from storm drains and help with restoration efforts.

"First kill the power to make it safe for everybody, make sure it's not sewage itself that's in the building once in a while it is," said Battalion Chief Keith Albert, from West Hartford's Fire Department.

Hartford, Avon and Bristol also experienced heavy flooding on streets and in backyards.

The American Red Cross along with the West Hartford Fire Department told NBC Connecticut they are currently working with residents who live inside the apartment buildings on Prospect Lane. The two groups also mention that they're evaluating the storm damages.

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