Renovated Manchester School Opens With Technology, Slide Between Floors

Tuesday was the first day of school for thousands of students in Manchester and the district just opened Waddell School, a newly renovated elementary school for 530 students in kindergarten through fourth grade. 

The classrooms that are each equipped with interactive technology have bright colors and large windows. 

“It’s all about the kids. It’s based on what works best for them. What’s their best learning environment, what’s their comfort level and that’s when they’ll learn best,” said Stuart Wolf, the principal of Waddell School. 

Inside the school, there is also a slide that connects the second and first floor. Wolf said the slide symbolizes the way they want students to think of school. 

“Learning is fun. Learning is exciting. School is exciting. I want to look forward to going to school every day,” Wolf said. 

Parents we spoke with were happy with the upgrades to the school. 

“It’s a brand new school. It’s beautiful. We’re looking forward to the Robertson/Waddell collaboration this year and bringing everybody together and having a great school year,” said Kristina Gozzo, whose daughter is entering the third grade at Waddell. 

Despite the statewide heat advisory, students will be in school for a full day in Manchester. The superintendent said some of the schools have limited spaces that are air conditioned. 

“We’re intending to keep students here, keep them hydrated and rotated through air-conditioned space and get through the day. But we think kids will be excited, staff will be energized. It’s unfortunately warm, but a good day to have them coming back,” said Matt Geary, the superintendent of Manchester Public Schools. 

On Wednesday, eighth-grade students will return to Illing Middle School and tenth through twelfth graders will return to Manchester High School.

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