Himes Says He Supports Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump

Rep. Jim Himes on Monday became the first member of the Connecticut congressional delegation to support an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

“The time has come for the House of Representatives to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. From the moment of his inauguration, this President has shown contempt for the truth, has attacked our institutions, and has ignored the Constitution he swore to defend. He has refused the oversight which is Congress’ long-established right and duty. In recent weeks, he has refused to comply with subpoenas, he has ordered administration officials to refuse to testify, and he has asserted executive privilege of unprecedented scope with respect to attempts to alter the census," Himes said in a statement.

The 4th District Democrat joins a growing number of members of the House of Representatives who are calling for an impeachment inquiry to begin.

“The framers of the Constitution placed the power of impeachment not in the courts, but in the Congress, so that Congress might consider not just the facts and the letter of the law, but the broader interests of the Republic," Himes said.

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