Report Calls for Increased Funding for Road Repairs

A new report calling attention to ongoing problems with our state's roads and bridges is pushing for a substantial increase in local, state and federal funding to make improvements.

According to transportation research group TRIP, funding for Connecticut roads could reduce congestion, improve safety, and fuel economic growth.

The report focused on Connecticut's largest cities, including Hartford and New Haven, and found that deficient roads are costing drivers an extra $4.2 billion per year in added vehicle operating costs, congestion delays, and crashes.

The report also found that 35 percent of Connecticut bridges need repairs, improvement or replacement and that 41 percent of major roads in the state have pavements in poor condition.

Businesses are also taking a hit as a result of deteriorated roads, according to the report.

"Making sure our transportation infrastructure is as modern and as efficient as possible is really a critical issue for economic growth," said Joe Brennan, president of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

The report says the average driver in the Bridgeport and Stamford area is spending 42 hours per year stuck in traffic, the average driver in the Hartford area is losing 38 hours per year and the average driver in New Haven is losing 35 hours.

"Obviously, we want to get employees in and out of the workplace as efficiently and as safely as possible," said Brennan. "But also, for companies like manufacturers, they need to get their materials into their plants and their finished products out of their plants and do that in a cost effective and efficient manner."

A state Department of Transportation spokesman declined to comment on the report.

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