Reports Detail Investigation Into Naugatuck Police Chief After ‘Racial Comments' Made by Family Member

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Naugatuck has released two reports on the independent investigations into the police chief after controversy arose surrounding "racially charged" Snapchat comments made by his underage daughter.

The reports both found that police Chief Steven hunt did not violate any department policies, procedures or rules, and that based on his employment agreement, there was no just cause for his termination.

The investigations launched in January after the public raised questions about the comments.

Officials described the comments as "disgusting and totally inappropriate," saying that the town values inclusiveness and diversity, and adding that they "condemn any act of racism or bigotry."

Hunt and his wife said the comments were made by his daughter when she was 13 years old, and described them as "despicable" and "inexcusable."

"We totally recognize the issues that this brings to light and diversity, equity, and inclusion are very important to us in the workforce and throughout the borough of Naugatuck," said Naugatuck Mayor Pete Hess.

"We're working with the NAACP with diversity, equity and inclusion issues. We're bringing in social workers with the police department," he continued.

Both investigations found that Hunt did not engage in any behavior that would serve as just cause for his termination, and that department policy focuses on actions taken by the employee, not by an employee's family member.

"We conclude that there is no evidence to support a finding that Police Chief Hunt had any knowledge of or played any role in the exchange or publication of the messages," the report from Michelson, Kane, Royster & Barger stated.

"It is obvious, based on other information set forth below, that this incident has
undermined efforts that Chief Hunt himself has made to address racial diversity within the ranks of the Naugatuck Police Department. But there is no evidence that Chief Hunt is responsible, legally, for the dissemination of the original posts, or their subsequent public disclosure," the report from Karsten & Tallberg, LLC said.

The NAACP is also conducting an investigation.

Naugatuck has posted both investigations online.

Karsten & Tallberg, LLC Investigation

Michelson, Kane, Royster & Barger Investigation

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