West Hartford Homes Burglarized While Residents Slept Upstairs: Police

Police are investigating two home burglaries and a car theft that happened in West Hartford overnight. 

On Friday, police responded to two different homes, one of Barton Street and the other on Brian Road, about reports of burglaries. In both cases the residents were asleep in the home.

Both homeowners said flat screen TVs, cash and other electronic items were taken from the home while the residents were asleep, West Hartford Police said. 

Police believe the doors were left unlocked, as there was no evidence of force entry.

The same night, a car was stolen from Grennan Road. A few days prior, a car was also taken from West Hartford. Both drivers had left the car's unlocked with the keys inside, police said. 

West Hartford Police said they are adding extra patrols to the area and encourages residents to secure their homes and cars.

Anyone with information on these crimes or has seen suspicious activity in the area they are encouraged to call the WHPD at (860) 523-5203. 

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