Residents Along Farmington River Prep for More Rain

Jessica Jones

Simsbury residents are already dealing with flooding from recent storms, so more rain is not welcome news for the flood-prone area along the Farmington River.

Water levels here have been rising and more rain could mean a significant overflow.

Some parts along the river are already blocked off because the water’s so high and residents are concerned.

Recent downpours have affected some properties with river water making its way into some people’s backyards and homeowners are worried that another storm could cause major damage to properties.

“It looks like we have a lake in our backyard,” Susan Eblin, of Simsbury, said. “We probably can handle, my husband, thinks about two more inches.”

Businesses are also concerned about the storm and some are moving their merchandise to protect it from the rain.

Farmers, however, don’t have much of a choice because excess rain could put their crops underwater and ruin them.

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