Damage Caused in Westport After Severe Storms

Severe afternoon thunderstorms have caused several road closures and downed power lines in Westport on Sunday.

A minor storm-related injury has been reported, according to police.

The fire department said they have responded to over 80 calls for service. The calls including issues with power lines burning and fallen trees.

Police said traffic control signals are not functioning at many major intersections as a result of power outages caused by the storm. Some of these intersections include Post Road East at Compo Road, Hillspoint Road and the Sherwood Island Connector.

Portable stop signs have been dispersed at various locations, according to police.

Sherwood Island State Park closed Saturday after damage caused by severe thunderstorms.

Many areas remain without power and restoration is not expected for at least 24 hours, police said. Police are working with Eversource to alleviate these conditions.

Police are urging residents to stay home as clean-up and repairs are conducted. Anyone who has to drive is asked to drive with caution and not to go around police tape and barricades.

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