Residents Can't Return Home After February Blizzard

Just days after the blizzard walloped the state with feet of snow, Krista Hanniford noticed something unusual at her Branford Hills condo.

“I woke up one morning and I noticed some real large cracks by the window,” said Hanniford.

When the Branford Fire and Building Departments were called in, they found out it was a lot more than few cracks.

“They had discovered that the walls were cracking, and the windows don't open properly.  So we went up there to see if there was any more damage and to see if we could mitigate it, which unfortunately, we really weren't able to do,” said Branford Fire Chief Jack Ahern.

Chief Ahern says the roof of the building just couldn't hold such a large amount of snow, and it started to collapse.  That made it no longer safe for any of the people living in the six units in building 133.

“They said you need to leave.  Grab your important stuff and leave,” said Hanniford.

Hanniford says it's tough not being able to go back home.  She's been out of her place for more than a month now.

“It's been you know, a struggle,” she said.

She says she's fortunate, though, because her parents and people at the Branford Compassion Club where she volunteers have all stepped up to help. 

The company that handles Branford Hills, Prime Property Management of Hamden, didn't return our call for comment, but has been in touch with the Branford Building Department and condo owners about repairs.

“The property management sent a letter out saying they're doing a walk about sometime tomorrow and taking bids,” said Hanniford.

She says she hopes the process moves along, so that she can get back into her home soon. 

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