Residents Complain About Quinnipiac Parties

They're large and loud.

Those are two ways neighbors describe parties being held by Quinnipiac University students who live off-campus. Now police are getting involved and making arrests.

"Oh yeah, there was a party going on, so they're young kids and they're having a good time," said Don Walker, who lives on Darley Drive, down the road from where police broke up a large party and found 100 people inside.

"It's not every night. It's not every week. ... We've had about a half a dozen of these through the years," Walker said.

Police tell us they had to contend with more than a dozen large house parties over the past weekend, all of which were hosted by Quinnipiac students.

"It's a residential area. There's a run the gamut of families. There's usually small families or older people, like ourselves," Walker said.

The largest party was on Todd Street.

Investigators said they needed 10 officers to disperse a crowd of about 500 college-aged kids and called buses to get kids back to the university. They also had to do that on Washington Avenue.

In all, police police charged 17 tenants.

"Mostly it's them screaming and shouting..YEAHHH!" said Eric Bright, who lives across the street from these homes on Washington. "I'm not surprised that the police have gotten involved on this because it was loud -- on several occasions."

It's not only the large gatherings in the smaller residential neighbors in Hamden that police have had to deal with. but also it's parking complaints and even students putting themselves in danger by walking in the middle of Whitney Avenue.

Neighbors know it's something that comes along with living near the university, but some, including Eric Bright add, "I kind of expected it, but you'd expect they bit a little bit more considerate about it."

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