Residents Having Issues With DMV Boating Registration Renewals

A spokesperson with the Department of Motor Vehicles says some people, including boat owners, have had an issue receiving emailed vehicle registration renewals.

Some people who have signed up for them are not getting responses, therefore are not able to renew their registration in time before they are expired.

Bert Armington, of Chester, said he has been in contact with them since early March, trying to renew his boater registration before it expired on April 30.

When Armington called the DMV, he was told to renew it on their website using the pin number provided to him, but the website told him the pin was invalid.

Armington was told to wait and said he waited for his registration to arrive but nothing ever came in the mail or by email.

When he called again on April 7, he said he was told by the DMV they had sent out registration for boats.

After waiting several days, he had still not received anything.

NBC Connecticut reached out to a DMV spokesperson about the problem.

Just a few hours later, Armington said he heard back from the DMV. They resolved the issue and would mail his new registration Wednesday.

Armington said after waiting two months to get it, his registration experience hasn't been pleasant.

"It’s just part of the frustration that we all have with the state of Connecticut and it’s DMV," he said.

A DMV spokesperson said they have now set up a special number for people to call if you signed up to receive e-mailed vehicle registration renewals and have not received your new registration. They will also be contacting those on their e-mail list who had a boat associated with their e-mail renewal sign up.

"We will work with anyone to get their boat registered promptly," said DMV Chief of Staff, Bill Seymour.

For assistance, call 860-263-5151.

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