Some Residents in Mystic Impacted by Water Main Break

glass of water is filled at a kitchen tap
Dougal Waters via Getty

The Aquarion Water Company is investigating a water main break on Gravel Street in Mystic, which they say might cause water discoloration for some customers.

The water company announced on Monday that the water main break is impacting the following areas: Gravel Street, Church Street, Forsyth Street, Holmes Street, Main Street and West Main Street.

During and after the outage, if customers are experiencing discolored water, Aquarion advises residents to use stored water for drinking and cooking, and to delay washing clothes until the water returns back to normal.

Residents should also run their cold water faucet until the water appears clear, prior to resuming any of the above, Aquarion said.

The number of customers impacted has not been released. The estimated restoration time is between 7:45 and 9:45 a.m.

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