Residents, Power Company Workers Gear Up for Cold and Snow

People and power companies are gearing up for another winter storm.

Many residents spent Friday night stocking up on groceries ahead of a storm set to bring several fresh inches of snow to the state this weekend.

“I’m done with winter. Definitely done with the winter. It’s cold. It’s too cold,” said Plainville resident Donna Demaio.

The cold could become dangerous for residents who lose power at power. Scattered outages are not out of the question, with the potential for wind gusts of over 50 mph Sunday morning.

Eversource Energy, formerly known as Connecticut Light & Power said crews are ready to tackle power problems. Wind could take down trees and prevent crews from working.

“If problems do occur and the winds get up to 35, 40 mph or above, that could delay repair. It’s unsafe when the winds get up that high to get up in the buckets to make repairs to the overhead lines,” said Eversource Energy spokesman Mitch Gross.

For most people, the biggest concerns were more snow and bitter cold.

“Very tired, too much snow, tired of shoveling,” said Thea Ricci, of Southington.

All that work is creating more business for stores, including 44 Hardware Store in Avon. The staff said customers will likely be searching for whatever it takes to melt, breakup and clear ice or snow this weekend.

“I’m sure everybody will go crazy again with the new storm,” said 44 Hardware owner Kevin Cochran.

Several other hardware stores are completely out of pellets for stoves and said they're waiting for emergency shipments.

It's just another sign of how cold it’s already been this winter.

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