Making the Way for the Proposed Outlet Mall in West Haven

The city council in West Haven held a special meeting Wednesday night on plans for the first phase of the Haven, a proposed multimillion dollar outlet mall.

The site along the West River would generate jobs and tax revenue as the home of The Haven but the project extends all the way to First Avenue, where now sit dozens of homes. Down Richards Place lives a woman whose daughter in law says has been told she has to sell out.

"Nobody wants to leave their house if they've been there for so long," said Jessica Pereira. "She doesn't think it's a good idea but she has no choice."

First Avenue where Joel Kaletsky heads for home is as far west as the mall will go.

Joel Kaletsky, of West Haven, said, "We do need a boost in our economy and I think it would be beautiful with the amphitheater we were told and a hundred and something stores and the boats and the restaurants, I applaud it, I say yes."

For his neighbors in these homes on the mall side of the street he does feel bad. They're not necessarily against the mall.

Marion Snipes, of West Haven, said. "It's a good idea but they have to treat the people right that own the properties, up and down this street."

He's lived here for seven years and he worries authorities will make way for the mall by resorting to eminent domain.

"And then just give us whatever - you know some of these people have been here for fifty years, two generations, they got grandparents, kids, families that live here. We got up and move?" Snipes said.

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