Residual Delays at Bradley International Airport After United Airlines Flights Grounded Due to Computer Issue

United Airlines flights are starting to take off from Bradley Airport after planes were grounded nationwide due to computer problems, but the domino effect of delays remains.

"United Airlines experienced a computer issue earlier this morning which led to the grounding of flights nationwide," Alisa D. Sisic, marketing and communications coordinator and public information officer for the Connecticut Airport Authority at Bradley International Airport. "This included flights scheduled at Bradley International Airport. At this time, the ground stops."

Passengers with electronic boarding passes on their phones had to wait in line to get handwritten ones Wednesday morning after a major network issue on United Airlines. The issue caused the FAA to ground United Planes across the country.

Passengers were reporting they couldn't check in, people couldn't board the planes and crews couldn't rebook anyone because their computers were down.

United Airlines said it was an automation issue and that they're looking into how the technical difficulty happened.

The problem left passengers frustrated on roughly 2,500 flights, including ones leaving from Bradley.

"I have to get to Indiana for college and there seems to be a system malfunction so we can’t get on our flights because we don’t really know when they’re going to take off," Tom Barone, of Marlborough said.

Josh Hunter, of Houston, Texas, is in the U.S. Navy and was trying to fly home to see his wife and kids. He said "this is pretty much what we're dealing with here and it's making everything very difficult.

"I'm gonna be patient because I’m used to doing that in the military," Hunter said.

If you have a flight on United Wednesday, prepare to be patient as well and leave extra time at this busy summer travel time.

Even though things are back up and running, it's expected to take awhile for flights to get back on track.

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