Jason Thody

Resolution Calls for the Suspension of Hartford Police Chief

hartford police cruiser

A resolution is calling on Mayor Luke Bronin to suspend Police Chief Jason Thody from all duties, relieve him of his weapon, and his city-issued car.

The resolution follows Thody's involvement in an accident in his department-issued car on the highway in Chester last month.

The suspension would take place until the commission investigating the incident concludes their investigation.

According to the 911 call recording made public by state police on July 7, another car witnessed Thody driving erratically and called 911 to report that he believed the driver was intoxicated, the resolution states.

The resolution goes on to say that Thody's behavior while driving on May 31 was "dangerous and reckless" and that the incident raises serious concerns about his judgment.

Last week, Hartford's mayor said the city will handle any potential discipline for the police chief, according to a statement from the mayor's office.

The resolution calls for the suspension of Thody from all job duties until the Independent Audit Commission completes its investigation. The commission is expected to hold a hearing on the incident later this month.

The resolution will be presented during the city's common council meeting on Monday at 7 p.m.

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