Groom Dissed Over Preemptive Strike at In-Laws


Brian Banacowski has issues with his soon-to-be in laws, and they could get worse.

The 31-year-old who plans to marry Rebecca Leichsenring, 30, in June, filed a restraining order on Wednesday to keep his future in-laws away from the wedding ceremony, and his mother filed an application of her own against them.  

"I'm worried they are going to cause trouble at the church during the wedding," Banacowski told the Waterbury Republican-American. "They have been harassing me and they really don't want us to be together."

The application says his future brother-in-law previously made threats that he would stop the couple’s wedding and cause a disturbance at the church, the newspaper reports.

Rebecca’s father, Hans Leichsenring, of Trumbull, told the newspaper he was shocked about the restraining order application.

"I have no intention of going to that wedding," he told the newspaper. "He is a 30-year-old loser who doesn't have a job and is never going to find a job."

The newspaper asked Hans Leichsenring about why Banacowski would be concerned.

His response was: "I once told him that when the priest says 'does anyone object to these two people being wed,' that I would say 'yes.' "

But whether the Leichsenrings go to the wedding is up to them. The judge denied the application. 

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