Retailers Say State Background Check System Is Causing Delays In Gun Sales

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Connecticut, like many states, is seeing a record number of gun sales, but an upgrade to a state computer system is causing problems for gun retailers. 

The state recently updated its background check system for gun sales, and retailers say the new computerized system is causing a delay in new gun sales transactions. 

“Paper and pens and scissors to basically put the files together for these firearms transactions for the dealers,” Brian Foley, an assistant to Public Safety Commissioner James Rovella, said. 

The Connecticut State Police said the background check system for retailers was shut down for five days to make improvements. 

“Obviously we can’t take any chances with firearms and we have to be careful," Foley said. 

“The software upgrade has caused severe delays in most cases and in some instances outright outages for firearm retailers to be able to run the background checks that they need to,” Mark Oliva of the National Shooting Sports Foundation said. 

The National Shooting Sports Foundation said it’s frustrating for retailers. 

“That in essence is denying the citizens of Connecticut from being able to exercise their Second Amendment right,” Oliva said. 

Kyle Overturf of Blue Trail Range said no one answers and there’s no cue. 

“It's just calling, calling, calling. You feel like you win the lottery when you get through right now,” Overturf said. 

“What’s frustrating for us from our customers view is some people drive an hour and an hour 15 minutes to come here and they’re waiting one, two, three hours and after two hours of us trying to call getting through they’ll have to leave and come back a different day,” he added. 

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