Nuclear Density Gauge Stolen from Wallingford Company Recovered

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When something with the word nuclear in its name is stolen, it’s never a good thing.  The fact that it's been found has a Wallingford company breathing a sign of relief.

The nuclear density gauge was stolen from an MT Group employee of Wednesday night, police said.  The employee, who was working a second job as a pizza delivery man, was robbed at gunpoint on Brookline Avenue in Bloomfield and beaten with a bat.  Two men stole the employee's wallet, cell phone, car keys and his Toyota Avalon, which had the device inside.

The device measures compaction in substances. It's regulated by the NRC and company officials said it is no more dangerous than an X-ray machine.

If it is damaged, however, it could be dangerous, according to the company.

MT Group offered a $500 reward for the safe return of the device, but it was Bloomfield Police who ended up finding the stolen vehicle and the device.

Police are still investigating the robbery, but have identified the two suspects.

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