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Rhode Island Residents Assess Damage After Rare October Tornado

Residents in Lincoln, RI are recovering from quite the scare when a tornado took down trees and power lines Tuesday afternoon.

"I have to tell you, my sister who I’m staying with we came from Cambridge, England. We were thoroughly unprepared for this - however we moved from the window and it just kept coming and coming and afterwards we walked around and we couldn’t believe it," George Mollo said.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down, causing all the damage.

"I did something you should never do I actually went outside but I was waiting for my daughter to get off the bus and I was afraid where was her bus and what happened to it," Marisa Crowell said.

Her daughter and the rest of the family were not hurt, but Crowell found trees and power lines down all across their lawn.

"I didn’t know anything about a tornado I just thought it was really windy and it was knocking the trees down we have some pretty old trees around here and we were afraid some of them could knock down,” Crowel said.

The dogs down the street appeared to know something was coming before the severe weather hit.

"The dogs were freaking out we have four dogs and they were barking and it had happened an hour before and my sister said What’s going on with these animals? It’s almost as if they had a premonition and it kept getting longer and longer and longer and then the rain started and all I kept thinking was I’m not going to see the World Series and then bam we lost it," Mollo said.

Power crews are working to restore power to the affected areas.

"It lasted like a minute and a half in that time we were just mesmerized," Mollo said.

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