Robber Attacks 7-Eleven Clerk in Bristol

The robber hit the clerk in the head.

A man attacked the clerk at a 7-Eleven in Bristol early this morning, then rifled through the register and fled with cash, according to police. 

Police responded to the 7-Eleven at 200 Riverside Ave. at 2:14 a.m. Friday to investigate the robbery.

The clerk, Sajjad Sheikh, said two people were in the store and one bought something, while the other was milling around. 

When one of the people left the store, the other hit Sheikh in the head, possibly with a rock, and told him to open the register, he said. 

Sajjad Sheikh (Sa-gaad Shake) store clerk: (03:33:47) 

   “I tried pressing the button, he said don’t press. I’m scared, maybe he have a gun, so I opened the drawer right away.”

“I tried pressing the button, he said 'Don’t press.' I’m scared, maybe he have a gun, so I opened the drawer right away,” Sheikh said.

The robber left with money and Sheikh said he was bleeding all over and went to the hospital. 

Police are now searching for the robber, who was wearing a two-tone hoodie.

While police investigate, Sheikh said what happened won't keep him from doing his job. 

“I’m not scared from this thing. I do my job every day. I’m honest, I do honest thing. I need them to catch this guy,” he said.

The Bristol Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions is investigating and anyone with information should call the Bristol Police at 860-584-3011. 

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