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Rocker Steven Van Zandt's TeachRock to Be Offered in CT

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Rocker Steven Van Zandt made a special appearance during a news conference in Connecticut on Tuesday afternoon to announce the launch in Connecticut of TeachRock, an "arts integration curriculum" created by the Rock ‘n Roll Forever Foundation, which Van Zandt founded.

Lamont said TeachRock will be offered in Connecticut schools to engage students using the history of popular music and culture.

Van Zandt said if a student likes a teacher or a class, he or she will come to school and "we want to be that class."

The curriculum was designed for all students, not exclusively for music students, he said. The website for the program shows lesson plans for every grade level, from elementary school through high school, in a wide array of course disciplines.

"Every single kid is into music," Van Zandt said.

If a school needs a lesson plan and one does not exist, TeachRock will create one, Van Zandt said.

Up to 10 school districts will be able to take part in the first “cohort” and school districts will be able to apply to take part, officials said.

Van Zandt, who might be best as "Little Steven" of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band fame, joined Gov. Ned Lamont for a news briefing at 1 p.m. held on Zoom.

Learn more about TeachRock here.

Connecticut Education Acting Deputy Commissioner Desi Nesmith and Connecticut’s Chief Academic Officer Irene Parisi will also take part in the news conference.

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