Rockville Man Accused of Sexual Contact With Girls

A Rockville man is accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls and has been arrested.

Vernon police said they have been investigating 55-year-old Andrew Curtis’ alleged conduct with two underage girls and arrested him Monday on two arrest warrants issued by Rockville Superior Court.

The arrest warrant application for Curtis says the state Department of Children and Families contacted police in April with an allegation of child sex abuse after an anonymous complainant reported hearing allegations that Curtis was caught fondling a 14-year-old girl at his home. They also said the girl did not want to file a report with authorities because Curtis had said he would kill himself if the allegations got out.

When police confronted Curtis, he admitted to ticking the girl, but said there was nothing sexual, the arrest warrant application says.

He also told them that he had once “palpated” one of the girl’s breasts when she found a lump.

Police reviewed text messages between Curtis and the girl and noted that they had written “I love you” to each other, police documents state.

The victim told investigators that Curtis tickled her “over her clothes” and had touched above a breast and thought he felt a lump.

According to police records, investigators also spoke with another victim who told them Curtis sexually abused her at his home several times around five years earlier, when she was around the same age as the other victim.

She told them Curtis would massage her after workouts when no one else was in the home and fondled her.

She relayed to police that the 14-year-old girl has told her she was uncomfortable with how Curtis had been touching her, according to the arrest warrant application.

When police searched Curtis’ phone, they found photos of both victims, in which one girl was sleeping and the other was in a sports bra, the arrest warrant application says.

One warrant carries one count of sex assault in the fourth degree and one count of illegal sexual contact with a victim under the age of 16.

The other warrant carries three counts of sex assault in the fourth degree, three counts of illegal sexual contact with a victim under 16.

Curtis was held $100,000 in bonds and appeared in Rockville Court.

He denied any wrongdoing, according to the arrest warrant application. It’s not clear if he has an attorney. Online court records say he remains in custody and is due back in court on Oct. 10.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and they are looking to speak to anyone who has additional information about Curtis as they continue to investigate.

Anyone with information should call Detective Tommy Van Tasel at 860-872-9126, extension 3767.

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