Rodent Bites Toddler's Finger at Beardsley Zoo

A small child who was visiting Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport Sunday was bitten by a rodent native to South America. 

Part of the glass barrier in the Zoo’s Rainforest Building had fallen off, which left a small opening that was large enough for the child’s finger to get into the enclosure and a red-rumped agouti bit the toddler’s finger, according to Beardsley Zoo.

EMTs treated the toddler at the zoo and the child was later evaluated at an area hospital.

“We make every effort to create a safe environment for our guests at the Zoo,” Gregg Dancho, the zoo directors, said in a statement. “This was an unfortunate event that has been immediately addressed by closing the rainforest building while repairs are made at that one area.”

“We send our best wishes for a complete recovery. The entire Zoo staff is dedicated to guest safety, and an event of this nature is taken seriously,” he added.

The Red-Rumped Agouti is a small South American rodent that resembles a guinea pig. Zoo officials said there are no health concerns with the animal, and like all animals at the zoo, it “receives appropriate examinations and immunizations on a regular basis.”

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