Romney Doll Takes the Lead

The Mitt Romney doll outsold Rick Santorum, 4 to 1.

Hero Builders

Mitt Romney is not only ahead in securing the most delegates after Super Tuesday, but his action figure is also standing on more shelves.

Hero Builders, the Oxford, CT-based company that has created dolls of Sarah Palin, Balloon Boy and the Real Housewives, has now created the 2012ers and Romney is outselling Rick Santorum, 4 to 1.

Santorum comes in jeans, sneakers and his famous vest, while Romney comes in a black suit.

Hero Builders also has a Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry dolls. Only one person had bought a Newt Gingrich doll as of Wednesday morning.

The 2012ers went on sale on Feb. 27 and start at $49.95. The talking versions sell for $59.95.

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