Route 156 in Lyme Reopens After Fire

Power is out for 25 percent of Eversource customers.

Power was out for a quarter of Eversource customers in Lyme on Monday after a tree branch took down power lines and caused a fire.

The branch came down around 4:30 a.m. and fell on two primary electrical lines on Route 156, which caused a fire on each side of an underground vault. 

"The very top lines are the primaries and they're 23,000 volts each, so when it comes to anything involving those, we just don't takke chances. We just close everything down," Lyme Fire Chief Jamie Leatherbee said.

Power was out for 328 Eversource customers, but has since been restored.

"Power went on and off a bunch of times before it finally went off. I figured it was either an accident or a wire down," Tim Reynolds, of Lyme, said. "Living up in Lyme, you learn to fend for yourself sometimes, so we have a generator for this kind of instance."

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