Route 5 in North Haven ‘Too Dangerous To Cross' on Foot: Official

Two pedestrians were seriously injured after being hit by cars on Route 5 in North Haven in recent months. Now many people in the town are raising concerns about the dark stretch of roadway, also known as Washington Avenue, near the Wallingford line and the first selectman is issuing a warning.

The incidents happened in the general same location, where Route 5 meets Scrub Oak Road.

"Sometimes bad choices have terrible consequences," Michael Freda, first selectman in North Haven, said.

Freda said that crossing the road between the Meadowstone Motel and the Sunoco gas station is not worth the risk.

"Please do not walk across a four-lane highway at night in a dimly lit area when there's a speed average of about 50 miles per hour," Freda said.

The first selectman's warning comes after those two pedestrians were struck by cars. One man was hit on January 30 and another man was hit on May 11, according to town officials. Both of the men survived.

"As we got closer, he was like, 'Oh God, there's a guy laying on the ground'," said North Haven resident, Jake Maturo, who pulled up to the scene moments after the more recent incident.

“When people try to cross it, especially at night, that's when it turns into a big issue," Alphonso Iovanna, of North Haven, said.

When it comes to finding a fix, the hands of town officials are somewhat tied, Freda said.

Route 5 is a state road, which means that approval for changes near where the road meets Scrub Oak Road would be difficult to obtain.

Freda said it was unclear if any additional traffic signal in the area would even help with the particular safety issues at hand.

Freda said, for now, to best avoid the dangers of Route 5, do not cross it on foot.

“My message is to use common sense," he said.

Despite the challenges that would come with seeking state approval, several people who live and work in the area said something has to be done to improve safety.

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