Route 6 Drag Race Caught on Camera

Cell phone video of two drivers who blocked traffic on Route 6 in the Mansfield area for a drag race has caught the attention to Connecticut state police.

Leo Halle was caught in the traffic behind the racers and captured the video. He said it happened around 5 p.m. Sunday.

The video shows two Hondas, side-by-side, holding up traffic. A man walks between them, makes a signal, and the cars take off.

"They start burning out their tires, getting them slick, the next thing you know the guys counting down and pointing to each other and they start racing," Halle said.

Halle said the amount of spectators seen on a nearby bridge during the race give the impression that the situation was pre-planned.

Drivers who were caught in the backup were furious, and state police weren’t too happy about it either.

“Drag racing is dangerous, illegal,” said Master Sgt. William Kittle.

State police said they did receive reports of the race and are looking into it. The racers could be fined anywhere from $60 to $600, or face jail time if caught.

Police add that if you hear about a race or witness one happening or about to happen, report it to police.

Drivers who spoke to NBC Connecticut agreed with police that the stunt was dangerous and uncalled for.

"Smart idea? Of course not," said Lorraine French of Willimantic

As for Halle, he said the race did inconvenience him, but he had no hard feelings.

“Bad place, bad time of day, I used to be young but we picked a better time to do that kind of stuff,” he said.

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