Run For Today: Prep for the Big Event

NBC Connecticut is partnering with the Today Show for our Run for Today campaign encouraging people to get out and run! Now we’re officially one month away from the Run for Babies 5k, and it’s not too late to lace up and get ready for the race. But you might find yourself asking, where do I start?

If you’re not a runner, it’s ok!

“It’s very basic, I mean it’s like walking and running though,” explains running coach Gino Caro. “There are certain mechanics and ways to do form running and things like that that will help your running, but in the big picture it’s something that everybody can do.”

“Before we do a workout whether it’s a running workout or speed workout we like to get a warm up in,” said Caro. “The purpose is you want to get blood tissue get the blood going, warm up the core temperature, but we also want to work on some running mechanics some coordination foot strike all the proper things you need to help you become a better runner.”

After the warm up, it was on to the drills.

“It adds a little spice to your workout It makes your running better,” said Caro. “But you have to commit to the drills. Every time you do the warm up you want to follow up with the drills”

And remember, you can always start small.

“If you never ran before try walk, run, walk run and you can set goals maybe I’m going to run for 3 minutes, walk one minute, and then run for 4 minutes until you get to a point where you can run consistently for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes and then eventually 15 minutes.”

Whether you’re running or walking, we want to see you there on May 1.

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