Runners Trek From Canada to Connecticut to Raise Money for Foodshare

NBC Connecticut

Two men with their sights set on helping those in need ran 260 miles, from Canada to Connecticut, to raise money for Foodshare.

Cousins Tanner Kern and Jordan Tucker said the idea was born because they wanted to do something "epic" to help others.

"Not just helping with the money, inspiring people to go out and do something to get off the couch, not sit around," Tucker said.

They chose Foodshare knowing that the pandemic was creating great food insecurity and also forcing traditional fundraisers to cancel.

The trip started at the Canadian border and ended at Foodshare in Bloomfield, 260 miles in about a week, which Kern said more than double the distance he's ever run before in that time period.

"I had some low moments for sure, on day four my shins started bothering me so the last four days that was really tough, but you, know feeling good now, the adrenaline kicked in," Kern said.

"Once you get your mindset there was no doubt about even getting this thing done," Tucker said.

They were greeted at the end of the line with applause and signs celebrating the accomplishment.

The pair raised $13,000, which will provide around 30,000 meals for families in need.

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