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RWA Gives New Water Service to Disabled Veteran in in North Branford

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The Regional Water Authority gave a disabled veteran and his wife new water service in North Branford on Saturday.

RWA officials said Simon Hale broke both of his feet while fighting for his country while serving in Vietnam and continues to have trouble walking. His wife, Barbara, is in a wheelchair.

Recently, the Hales found out they had water quality issues with their well and since then, they've only been drinking bottled water, the RWA said. The couple has been bathing and washing with the contaminated well water, they added.

On Saturday, the RWA said they decided to step in and help the Hales to thank them for their service to our country. Crews completed main to curb service for the Hales for free.

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Several RWA employees volunteered their time to make sure the Hales have access to reliable, high-quality water, the RWA said.

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