Ryan's Take: Election Day Weather

Every 4 years we elect a president on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. As you'd expect there's always been a range of weather across Connecticut but surprisingly it has never snowed on election day dating back to 1904!

The coldest election day was in 1960 when John F Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon to become president. The low that morning at Bradley Airport was a chilly 15 degrees! The winter that followed Kennedy's win was a brutal one in Connecticut with incredible amounts of snow and exceptionally cold weather (the temperature reached -26F at Bradley on January 22, 1961). 

The warmest election day was in 1936 when the mercury reached 72 degrees in Hartford. Connecticut's 8 electoral votes went to Franklin Roosevelt on that unseasonably warm day.

The wettest election day was in 1920 when 1.06" of rain fell in Hartford. Warren G. Harding cruised to victory on that day with 404 electoral votes. 

As for the snowiest? Believe it or not since 1904 it hasn't snowed on a presidential election day in Connecticut. But it's come close! The day after election day 2012 we had an unusual early season snowfall that dropped a record 8.3" of snow in Bridgeport. That snowstorm wasn't particularly well forecast (I busted pretty spectacularly) and the storm occured only a few days after Hurricane Sandy hit Connecticut.

Wolcott, CT on 11/8/2012 during the unusual early season storm.

As for today? The weather couldn't be any nicer! Plenty of sunshine and highs in the 60s. Get out and vote!

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