Sad Grandma Photo Sparks Thousands to Send Messages

On the night of an 89-year-old woman's first art show in Connecticut, Magdalene Jourdan dressed to the nines and arrived early inside the Thompson Public Library.

She said she wanted to welcome her fellow art lovers and hoped to chat all night.

"Oh, I was so excited. Finally I can talk to people. I can talk to people in my own heart and soul," said Jourdan.

Except no crowd ever arrived. Only a couple people stopped by, and no one dressed up.

"We were patient. One hour, two hours, nothing happened," said Jourdan. "I said to myself, 'Is that it? Is that what you were preparing so carefully for?’"

"I felt like a fool."

grandma snapchat

After a disappointing night, her granddaughter, Lily, posted a picture to Twitter of her grandmother dressed up and back at home. She wrote "Dressed so nice for her art showing at the library and no one went." From there, social media took over.

"Next thing I know is it's 12 o'clock and people are starting to favorite and retweet my tweet," said Lily.

Hundreds and then thousands shared, liked, and commented an outpouring of support all around the world for this grandmother of nine.

"I am overwhelmed because I thought no one gave a damn, you know? I am overwhelmed," said Jourdan.

Jourdan figures the miserable weather is why people didn't come to Thursday night's show.

"It was cold, and I don't blame the people for not coming because I wouldn't come out on a day like this, on a night like this," said Jourdan.

The 89-year-old says she's thankful for even the few who showed up because speaking with them made her feel alive.

And Jourdan has a message for those who have reached out through social media to say how much they love her art.

"I thank you."

If you would like to see Magdalene Jourdan’s paintings up close, you still have time. They'll remain up at the Thompson Public Library until May 25th during regular library hours.

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