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Safer Streets: New Haven Increasing Enforcement After Uptick in Pedestrian Crashes


Some people who live in New Haven say they don't feel safe walking around their city anymore.

Four people were struck and killed by cars in two months in the city.

At a meeting Thursday night, residents spoke about their own close calls and expressed concerns about safety.

"One of the strangest experiences I've had is almost getting hit while people are turning right on red. I am a walker. I love to walk, but I've stopped doing it this last year because I don't feel safe anymore," said New Haven resident Sabrina Whiteman.

Safe Streets New Haven, a local organization, says they're pushing for several things including enforcement and complete streets, a policy focused on making roads usable and safe for everyone.

"Eventually we hope to get red light cameras authorized in the state so there can be automated enforcement," said Carolyn Lusch with Safe Streets New Haven.

New Haven Police say they've increased traffic enforcement, including assigning four officers to the evening shift for it. They're also doing targeted crosswalk enforcement to catch vehicles failing to yield to pedestrians. Police say everyone has a part to play including pedestrians properly using those crosswalks.

The city says rising pedestrian deaths aren't just a New Haven problem but a national one. City Engineer Giovanni Zinn says they're looking to reverse that trend in the city by engineering, enforcement, and education.

"We have to realize it's not worth putting someone's life in jeopardy to get wherever you're going 30 seconds faster," said Zinn.

If you have a safety concern about a New Haven road, there are several avenues you can take to report it including using the See Click Fix App or filling out a complete streets request form by clicking here.

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